Dr. Gal Yarden

Dr. Gal Yarden,

holds PhD in Chemistry with expertise in Chemical ecology and insects’ chemical-communication from Ben-Gurion University as well as Post doc in Plant virology from ARO. He has over two decades career in the AgBio industry as Serial Entrepreneur and Early-Stage Investor with: Beeologics, ABC-Labs, Eshbol, Vital Technologies, Tarnis, AgreMatch, Bio-Oz, ClaryFruit and FortyPhest as some examples.

These days as Co-founder of Sadot Innovation VC he is driving the overall efforts in extending the portfolio strategy for Biotech, Crop Protection, Chemistry, Digital Ag, Smart Livestock farming, Alternative Proteins and Natural High-Value Ingredients related opportunities. He joined Sadot after retirement from Bayer / Monsanto where he led Prospecting for complementary technologies via collaboration and acquisition with with: NRGene, RosettaGreen, TargetGene, EvoGene, Epigenetics as part of dealflow and led Open Innovation platform with mentorship of nine new start-up’s in recent years.

Gal understands how innovation works, and how to overcome barriers to connect old world and new with emphasis on IP, Regulation and value capturing. With combination of ideation, application and execution, he openly sharing his experience and knowledge with all ecosystem stakeholders, particularly with the new Insect Expressions For Benefit of Mankind Association where he support cluster strategy and designing of reduction to practice.

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