Insects Expression

Entomology is one of the oldest research disciplines.
The variety, abundance of Insects, and their expression in almost, any area. provided potential uses in many of Mankind needs.
Yet, Insecticides, Pollination, Honey and lately Genetically Modified Seeds were the main business areas
where the fruits of this researches are implemented.

The huge advances in technology, the new challenges facing the humankind and the unlimited availability of Insects led to explosion of research in uses of Insects’ Expressions in other areas.
The need to feed the world versus the diminishing availability of land and water, environmental concerns and changes in public attitudes, led to emerging industry – Insects as Food & Feed.
Treatment of Organic waste is a global problem with no optimal solution. Treatment of waste with Insects provides small scale solutions. A perfect example of circular economy.

Biomimicry led to development of Micro Aviation Vehicles and applications of swarms behavior can be used in many areas as Agriculture, Security and Consumer Products. Materials extracted from Insects can serve as active ingredients in Medicine and Cosmetics. Etc. Etc.

These Insects Expressions requires also innovative solutions in Engineering, Regulation and Public Education. All these are leading to a growing interest of the Business Community in the increasing number of Start Ups seeking solution and applications.

Collaboration between the Academic R&D, Industrial and Entrepreneurial communities can lead to fulfilment of this huge potential of uses of Insects’ Expression in the benefit of Mankind

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