Kinneret Innovation Center

for Agro-tech and Entrepreneurship

The Kinneret Innovation Center is the first center of its kind in the north of Israel.
A technology innovation hub and a “living lab” established to provide a holistic environment for the development and in-field testing of innovative agriculture and food technology.
Founded in partnership with Kinneret Academic College and Zemach Regional Industries Ltd., it links academic research and technology,
empowers industry and agriculture, fosters entrepreneurship and young innovation and startup. It Creates a technological environment which aims to attract and develop new talent, ideas, entrepreneurs, investments and enterprises in the Jordan Valley. Leveraging the agricultural heritage of the area, the Innovation Center creates economic advantages and new employment opportunities for communities in the region. The Center’s Head Quarters are located on the campus of Kinneret Academic College. A 13,000 square meters’ state of the art Agro-Tech Park is currently being built in close proximity to campus and will hold R&D centers with 20 manufacturing establishments, 18 labs, 25 Startup companies, and 5 – Global companies.

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